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Police Station Defence Solicitors

If you have been arrested by the police and have not been cautioned for the offence that your were arrested for or the police have not decided to take no further action, then one of the following outcomes would have resulted. You will have either been;

  • Charged with an offence
  • Bailed to return back to the police station at a later date, or
  • Released under investigation

If any of these three outcomes apply to you, then McKenzies can help.

We are expert criminal defence solicitors who have served the London and home counties areas since 1999. Our leading team of solicitors are ready to discuss your situation with you and provide you with expert advice and representation.

To speak with one of our team members please call us now on 020 8350 4114 or alternatively, complete the contact form below.

Legal Aid

Representation at the police station if FREE and will not cost a penny. 

If you have been charged with an offence then Legal Aid may also be available depending on the offence(s) you have been charged with and your finacial circumstances. To check if you would be entitled to Legal Aid in the Magistrates Court or Crown Court please contact us for a free assessment.

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